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Meet Your Instructor

Owner and lead instructor, Stuart Beezley, carries over ten years experience in commercial river guiding, rafting operations management, and ACA kayak and swiftwater rescue instruction. Stu began his whitewater career in Durango, CO guiding class IV/V Wilderness sections of the Upper Animas and Piedra River. In the early Spring, Stu spent his time as a multi-day Wilderness guide on the Salt River in Arizona. Stu has experience as operations manager of a Durango-based rafting company where he facilitated and instructed numerous sessions of guide school. As a kayak instructor, Stu spent summers working part-time teaching kayaking through 4crs Riversports. When Stu is not on the water, you can find him tuning skis at local ski shops, enjoying backcountry powder, mountain biking, or spending time with his wife and daughter.


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